Letter: Epping Forest Greens Candidate on Employment

IN the media recently there was a news item about fire service call operators in the Essex Fire Service striking due to changes in shift patterns.
Working two 12-hour night shifts immediately after two 12-hour day shifts makes it difficult to arrange child care and other commitments.
The Fire Brigades Union said 12 operators had already left due to the changes. In January there was a strike by firefighters because of plans to cut at least 179 firefighters and control staff in Essex.
There have been many people who have lost their jobs under this government because of cuts, even though it is claimed more jobs have been created during this parliament.
However, many of these are zero hours contracts, where there is no guarantee of a certain number of hours’ work a week, or of any work at all, but the employee is not allowed to take another job to make up the shortfall.
Other people have had to take a part-time job when they were looking for a full-time job.
Between 1999 and 2006 0.9 per cent of workers were in time related under-employment (working fewer hours than they wanted), but by 2012-13 that figure was 8 per cent.
The Green Party would ban zero hours contracts. We would create over one million jobs in the public sector.
There would be more jobs in building affordable housing and in developing green energy. Then people looking for work could find it.

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