Letter: Anna Widdup speaks on NHS and Tax avoidance

THIS week there has been much argument in the media about the NHS and about tax avoidance.
There has been a lot of talk about people using Accident and Emergency inappropriately, and charging people who are obese or drunk.
There are many reasons why there is pressure on the NHS, and therefore A&E.
The government has cut the budget of the NHS 111 service; hospital staff are ‘under too much pressure’, and there have been cuts to social care, meaning people remain in hospital.
Locally, we do not have an A&E department in Epping, which puts more pressure on the one in Harlow.
While we have rich individuals being assisted by our banks to avoid paying tax, the funding of the NHS will always be an issue.
The Green Party’s fairer tax policies would make both personal Income Tax and Corporation Tax banded, so that those with more money would pay more.
We would close loopholes to prevent tax avoidance.
We would focus on prevention and support rather than punishment for people addicted to alcohol and drugs, and health education to help tackle obesity.
We would create community health centres to treat minor injuries, to free up A&E, and would fund mental health research and services to support those who need it.
Above all, we would preserve our NHS as being free at the point of delivery.

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