Letter: Keep bus passes without means testing

IN ‘We must save our Freedom Passes’, the co-ordinator of Love the Bus Pass Campaign asks for a clear and unequivocal commitment to retaining bus passes in their current form, particularly in guaranteeing not to introduce means testing for them.
The Green Party is happy to commit to this.
We do not support the principle of means testing for what are now universal benefits such as the bus pass and the winter fuel allowance.
We are particularly concerned that people who benefit greatly from the freedom and opportunities the bus pass provides would miss out if means-testing was introduced, as it would mean a huge amount of paperwork.
For many elderly people, buses are the only way they can get around.
Without them they could be stuck at home with a greatly reduced quality of life.
The principle of universal benefits ties our society together and provides a guaranteed basic standard that is shared by all.

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