Epping Forest Candidate Anna Widdup Comments on Green Surge

Green Party membership in the Epping Forest Green Party has soared in the last week and now stands at over 80 members a 25% increase in two weeks.

Across the Eastern Region, Green Party membership passed the 4,000 mark, this week, having risen by over 1,000 in the last seven days. Last week the total UK Green Party membership surpassed that of UKIP, then the Lib Dems and is now heading towards 50,000 [1].

Anna Widdup, Green Parliamentary Candidate for Epping Forest said:

“The number of people joining the Green Party is still growing. They are clearly attracted by our vision of a better society – a genuine alternative to the austerity politics promised by all other parties. By our policies and goals to achieve a fairer society, with a properly funded NHS, a higher minimum wage, no more austerity measures that hit the vulnerable, making big companies pay their fair share of tax, nationalized railways so profits go into cheaper fares and an improved system, and protecting the planet for future generations.”

She added:

“Given our surge in membership, not allowing the Greens to participate in the televised debates and outline our policies to viewers, prior to this general election, will stifle democracy.”

The combined UK membership of the Green Party is now over 10 times higher than it was 20 years ago and it has more than doubled in just the last 12months.

On Monday 19th January, Lord Ashcroft published his latest polling which put the Green Party of England and Wales on 11% – the highest for a generation [2].

The Greens are aiming to stand in over 75% of parliamentary seats across the Eastern Region and have already selected a full slate across Suffolk, with Essex, Norfolk and Cambridgeshire set to follow suit very soon.

At the forthcoming general election, the Greens are aiming to build on their one seat in the House of Commons, held by Caroline Lucas, with Norwich South (Green candidate Lesley Grahame) and Bristol West as key seats for potential gains. The Greens are also working hard in many other seats, with Rupert Read challenging in Cambridge.


[1] http://greenparty.org.uk/news/2015/01/15/combined-uk-green-parties%E2%80%99-membership-passes-ukips/

[2] http://lordashcroftpolls.com/2015/01/ashcroft-national-poll-con-29-lab-28-lib-dem-9-ukip-15-green-11/#more-7368

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