Murray Sackwild nominated to stand in Harlow 2015

Murray Sackwild


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Epping Forest and Harlow Green party has nominated Murray Sackwild, who is currently General Secretary of Harlow and Epping Forest NUT, Deputy General Secretary of Essex NUT, and was until recently a secondary school teacher in Harlow for 13 years.

Murray has successfully raised £500 via fundrazr towards his deposit and said “May I thank everyone who has donated towards the deposit to enable me to stand in 2015. It is clear the public welcome a party offering an alternative to the Tories, Labour, Liberals and UKIP who are all essentially free market fundamentalists, and who are determined to prostitute people and planet for the short term profits of a few.  Only the Green Party promises a positive alternative and believes in a sustainable society for people and planet alike, for the common good.”

“As Green Party candidate for Harlow I will champion a society for the common good by arguing that services such as the railways and the NHS should be put back into publically accountable ownership. Similarly, I will fight so that the likes of Free Schools and Academies are brought back under local control and accountability.”

“Greens believe an economy should be sustainably and fairly run for the benefit of everyone today, without undermining the needs of future generations, I therefore will push so that everyone pays a fair rate of tax, and put a stop to corporate tax dodging.  The short-sighted nature of other parties is evident in their backing of un-renewable energy sources such as fracking; it is only the Greens who are arguing for the sake of your future fuel bills and the planet that there should be a massive investment in renewable energy and that much of it should be mutually owned by the locals, for the sake of future generations we must have the foresight; to work for the common good”

To donate towards his deposit to cover the fundrazr processing fee of approximately 9% (£35) please go to

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