Anna Widdup selected as Green Candidate for Epping Forest 2015 General Election

Anna Widdup

Epping Forest Green party has selected Anna Widdup to stand in the 2015 General Election. Anna is a local primary school teacher who has lived in Epping with her husband for 11 years. She has previously stood in district council elections and has recently campaigned locally against the Trans-Atlantic Trade and Investment Partnership (TTIP) and the closure of a children’s centre.

She said, “I’m standing to give people a real choice, and as a positive alternative to the other parties by arguing for the environmentally sustainable pursuit of social justice. For example I believe it is wrong that ordinary people are being punished by unfair cuts, under ‘austerity’, for a crisis caused by bankers and aggravated by corporate tax dodging. They should pay their fair share of tax, so that the majority are not penalised for the mistakes made by the minority; so that those on middle to low incomes, the unemployed and disabled are not harmed at the expense of the minority’s greed. I will promote Green policies such as renationalisation of the railways, a publicly owned and operated NHS and fight for the environment by arguing for safe renewable sources of energy owned in community hands. I’m standing for both the people and planet, for the common good”

Buckhurst Hill East Green Cllr. Steven Neville said “We are delighted that Anna Widdup has been chosen as candidate. Green policies will not be more widely promoted unless given a platform. In order to ensure that the electorate have the opportunity to vote Green in 2015 we are appealing for 19 members of the community to pledge £25 towards the £500 deposit on” To pledge, please go to

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